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As a leading dentist in the New York City metro region, Dr. Lee uses dental laser treatments, including the Epic and Waterlase lasers, to treat a host of issues, including gum disease and tooth decay, at her offices in Manhattan and Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Dental Laser Treatment (Epic & Waterlase) Q&A

What are dental lasers?

Lasers are devices that use highly-focused beams of powerful energy to perform an array of dental procedures, as well as other types of medical procedures. Because their beams are so highly-focused, they can provide very accurate treatments and they can also reduce the amount of bleeding during procedures so healing can occur more quickly. Of all the dental lasers, the Epic and Waterlase are the most advanced, offering patients better results.

How are lasers used in dentistry?

Lasers have been used in dentistry for more than two decades for procedures including:

  • Tooth decay removal and preparing the tooth to receive a filling: lasers' precision ensures only the decay is removed, preserving more of the tooth and resulting in less discomfort than traditional drilling.

  • Curing some types of filling materials to help them bond more securely with the tooth surface once decay has been removed.

  • Gum disease treatment: Lasers are used to kill bacteria below the gum line, and they can also be used to reshape the gums when needed.

  • Biopsies: Thanks to their precise cutting ability, lasers are an excellent tool for removing tissue for microscopic evaluation as well as removing non-cancerous lesions and treating painful canker sores.

Are Epic and Waterlase laser treatments painful?

Laser treatments typically result in less discomfort than other types of treatment because of their added precision results in less tissue damage. Plus, because more of the tooth's healthy tissue remains with laser treatment, many patients experience less discomfort following treatment.

How can I tell laser dentistry is right for my needs?

Lasers can be used for lots of treatments, but their applications are restricted. For instance, they can't be used on teeth that already have fillings, and they can't be used to treat cavities between teeth. You consultation and exam visit is the perfect time to talk about lasers and whether they might be a good choice for you.

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